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Whether your child will serve or not is up to you. Here you can find available information about military service, terms of service, conscriptions, contracts, countries, weapons, and more.

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Requirements vary by Service, but generally speaking, candidates must meet certain criteria for:

  • Age
  • Physical ability
  • Education
  • Citizenship

Yes. U.S. Citizens or Legal Permanent Residents (people who have an INS I-151/I-551 “Green Card”) may join the U.S. Military.

While total length of service commitment varies based on Service branch need and occupational specialty, a first term is generally four years of Active Duty followed by four years in a Reserve unit or Individual Ready Reserve (IRR). IRR members do not drill, but muster once per year. IRR members are also not paid but may be recalled to Active Duty in times of need until their eight-year total commitment has expired.

Yes. As part of the entrance process for any Service branch, but prior to boot camp, new recruits will receive a physical exam, which includes a complete medical history. During that exam, they will be asked about their overall health. A recruit’s input and the result of the exam will determine his or her ability to meet the health and physical fitness standards for military service.

All jobs, including combat, are open to women. The percentage of women serving on active duty in the Military has more than doubled since 1978. Clearly, women play an important role in today’s Military. Each Service and many occupations have specific physical requirements that must be met regardless of gender.

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