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How To Become A Member of U.S Military

feature-2Joining the military is an enormous choice that should not be taken gently. Here are some steps on how to become a member of the U.S Military.

First, choose in case you’re prepared. If you are overweight by 20 pounds or more, you are not going to have the capacity to enroll. You must take the Army weight guidelines before you enroll. If you are not sure what they are, call an Army Recruiter and ask a question. If you have a felony or medication charges regardless of the possibility that it was erased or an juvenile charge, you will be excluded. Did you graduate from High School. If not, as of now, you won’t qualify. Read More→

How to Learn Military Tactics Online

feature-3Military tactics though can be proven and achieved through the actual combat, the training through war games and of course online wouldn’t be so different at all during the actual challenge. Let us discuss the details on how Online Military tactics can be learned. Read More→

Facts About Modern Day Warfare

feature-1The time of those old school warfare through numbers game and different strategies are long gone. The future is now for the modern day warfare through the use of advanced technologies for the military advantage. Read More→