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Peter Craig (left) the Company CEO and his staff.

Peter Craig (left) the Company CEO and his staff.

Welcome to Childreninmilitarycustody.org, this website is owned and being maintained by the Military Officer, Peter Craig and his team. This Website has been created and launched to provide community awareness about the important roles of individuals like you and me to ensure that with the proper knowledge about Military provided in this article like the sample below, you are expected to protect or support their the country’s first line of defense.

“…. If you are overweight by 20 pounds or more, you are not going to have the capacity to enroll. You must take the Army weight guidelines before you enroll. If you are not sure what they are, call an Army Recruiter and ask a question. If you have a felony or medication charges regardless of the possibility that it was erased or an juvenile charge, you will be excluded. Did you graduate from High School. If not, as of now, you won’t qualify.

Next, get the best position. You need to join, now verify you will be doing what you like. The recruiter will issue you a list of options you are fit to qualify for, some of which are from the ASVAB scored and some that are employments the Army desperately needs filled and would be ready to pay you additional to work in. Consider your decisions deliberating on the grounds that you’ll be investing a great deal of time preparing for that occupation after basic training.

Raise your right hand. You’re going to swear in, get some answers concerning the pledges you’ll take, the general request you have to learn, military positions, and more. And get prepared for the training camp. It is safe to say that you are prepared and tested. Get the skinny on the best way to set yourself up physically and mentally. Lastly, You are in! Take the advantage of it. What happens after the training camp? How would you make an achievement of yourself?”

With that above said, We and the team thank you for visiting here and enjoy reading. You may also check our contacts page for more details on how you can reach us.