Military Bases

3 Of the best Military towns in the USA to live in

Army towns

There are many army bases dotted throughout America but there are some that most service men and woman dream of getting stationed at.
This is due to the great scenery, entertainment and housing to name but a few of the town’s attractions.

3 Of the best military towns in the USA to live in

#1 Monterey, California

The bases located here are:

Naval Postgraduate School Monterey for Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Airforce.
Defense Language Institute for the Army
It is a great town with a lot of good places to eat, entertainment and shopping.
Some of the service branches allow the members to go to work in casual clothing.
They are mainly training bases so they operate on student schedules and times.
There is no deployment, the weather is great so you get to be outdoors a lot and they have the Pebble Beach Golf course for golfing enthusiasts.

#2 San Diego, California

The bases located here are:

Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego
Naval Base Point Loma
Naval Base Coronado
Naval Base San Diego
Naval Air Station North Island
Marine Corps Air Station Miramar
Coast Guard Station San Diego

There are many amenities and San Diego is a large vibrant city with some of the best craft beer around having been named the craft beer capital of America.
It also has the largest commissary, good schools, shopping and entertainment.

#3 Colorado Springs, Colorado

The bases located here are:

Peterson Air Force Base
Schriever Air Force Base
Fort Carson Army Base
The United States Air Force Academy

Nearly half the economy in Colorado Springs is from the military which has a very strong presence there.

One of the friendliest places for the army where the civilians welcome them and absorb them as part of their communities.

Health Care

Top medical and health issues facing retired military members in America

What are the main health problems of retired militaries?

Military personnel especially those on active duty put their lives on the line each and every single day.
Their risk of being injured is high and can be anything from a serious injury that can cause disability to a fracture or sprain that can cause recurring damage even in their everyday life. Once retired this is no different as old injuries can recur especially as the body ages and becomes more fragile.  There are also mental health issues that can arise whilst still on active duty there is no time to dwell on the things that may happen directly or indirectly to a soldier.  But once that day to day adrenalin is no longer needed to get a person through the day.  The mind is no longer too occupied and has time to go over all those events.  This can lead a soldier down a dark path.

Some of the health risks facing

Flexibility problems
A limited range of motion can cause disease such as arthritis and the soldier could start experiencing difficulty in getting around, reaching for objects even putting on a shirt takes a certain amount of motion to do so. In soldiers, this is especially common in the ankles and knees due to excessive training.

Tinnitus is a ringing, roaring, whooshing, clicking, buzzing or hissing in a person’s ears.  It can affect one or both of the ears with the pitch either being overwhelmingly high or just annoyingly low.

Head and brain injuries
Being knocked around eventually takes its toll on the head.  Like boxer’s militaries that have seen combat tend to sustain various head injuries.  They may heal but can cause problems later on in life.

Lost limbs
Many a soldier has lost a limb in battle.

Mental health disorders
Combat takes a toll on soldiers mentally.  Being away from their family and loved is stress enough then to add to that the horrors they see in combat can lead to other mental illness issues.
Issues such as depression, PTSD, substance abuse and some even get suicidal.


US State issued housing for militaries

What type of house US state provides to militaries?

The military provides free or subsidized housing for all its members.  They type of housing provided is dependent on various factors such as rank and marital status.

The types of military housing provided by the US State

Married couples

If married and living with their spouse and or dependents then there is the option to either live on-base or receive a Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) to live off-base.  The BAH rate is once again dependent on the persons rank and if they dependents or not.

If you are not married, separated or divorced but still paying child support you will still receive BAH but there are different rules for different situations where this is concerned.

Military housing for single people

If you are single you will mostly spend your time living on-base in a dormitory or barracks. There are different policies concerning living arrangements for the single military.
These policies are also differing from base to base and service to service. Most army allows single members from pay grade E-6 and above to live off base and the army will pay for it. They will first take into account the occupancy of the barracks and or dormitories first. The navy, however, allows sailors in pay grade E-4 who have been with the Navy for four years and above to live off base at their expense. The navy also allows sailors that are single from paygrade E5 and above to live off-base at the Navy’s expense.


The military is remodeling its barracks for single listed personnel.  The first sector to get started with this program has been the Air Force.

Dormitories/barracks are being designed with a one-plus-one concept which is a private room for each person along with a small kitchen and a bathroom.  The bathroom may be shared with another person in the barracks.

There is also the concept adopted by the Air Force called “Dorms-4-Airmen” this has redesigned the dormitories into four-bedroom apartments which will be shared by four Airmen.  They will each have a private room and private bathroom but will share a kitchen, living room, washer and dryer.